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Participation & Funding

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  • We now have $800 worth of drinks

  • Where can we keep these?

    • Sophie’s Basement
    • Aidan’s Basement
  • Wait to table until next semester

Refresh Our Listserv:

  • How should we refresh the email list?

    • “We’re doing a clean-up!”
    • Unsubscribe button
    • Email each week before meetings
    • Send out meeting notes

SGA & Labor Unionization:

  • Union of students which has meaningful work power that has that power diverted to meaningless tasks

  • University has veto power on anything of meaningful importance

  • Sam may take this information and create an SGA reform committee


Project: Take UVM Votes tabling food out of James' car. Maybe can be put in the Davis Center cage (email Sarah Flaherty), taken by Aidan, or kept in the debate house basement.
Assigned to: James Tedesco
Project: Investigate how to integrate voter registration into student orientation day.
Assigned to: Aidan May
Project: Call the Burlington Town Clerk about ballot boxes.
Assigned to: James Tedesco
Project: Investigate a calendar which can identify important voting days on the state and federal level (either if it exists or if we can co-opt one).
Assigned to: Brian Donahue

Submitted: April 20, 2021