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Updating Our Meeting Format

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UVM Students and Burlington Elections:

  • Joan Shannon: City Councillor who has argued against UVM students having access to voting in Burlington elections

    • Can compare to soldiers: very difficult for both college students and soldiers to know where to vote when addresses are always changing
  • Caleb Usadi’s group chat that goes to Burlington City council meetings

    • Decided that Caleb will be our liaison to stay updated on voting-related happenings and council meetings

New member Caleb Duggan!

Registrar button:

  • Fall back on designers and tech staff at the registrar's office when it comes to design the button

Navigate or text?

  • We need to know how our message will be sent

  • Do we still pursue this option if through navigate only?

Orientation Registration

  • Work with admissions office to register students on orientation day/week

    • When is orientation??
    • Make sure OLs say “hey take out your phone and register to vote at turbo vote”
    • Brian, James, and Aidan will be working on this

Ballot boxes

  • According to Jim Condos, not going up to the legislators

Submitted: April 12, 2021