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SGA funding, position updates, & club continuity

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Changes in Executive Board Composition

  • Liz Chadwick resigned from Social Media position.

  • Executive Board unanimously passed replacement of Social Media position with Engagement. This was done to emphasize a focus on recruitment and engagement efforts as a strategy rather than any specialty in modes of outreach, such as social media or graphic design. Members can contribute in those ways, but they'll be supervised by the Engagement Chair.

  • Welcomed Sophie Feldman as Engagement Chair.

Club Finance (reported by Treasurer Donahue)

  • UVM Votes became an SGA recognized club too late in the year to submit a finance request for the following year. This means we'll have to rely on "supplemental funding requests" until the next fiscal cycle.

  • The SGA club finance committee appropriated $325 for posters, printing, and a Canva subscription. We may throw some of this funding at a Constant Contact subscription to create better email content.

General Discussion

Unanimously passed

  • Eliminate the Executive Board meeting on Sundays, shifting focus to the general, public facing meeting.

  • Move the public general meeting from Tuesday at 8:30pm to Monday at 8:00pm. This gives the general meetings more drive, creating meaningful openings for new students to get involved with ongoing projects, rather than being the exclusively presentational content of past meetings.

Idea from Brian

  • Have a calendar detailing election deadlines for Vermont or other states which many students from UVM hail from (see Office of Institutional Research data). Have toggles for federal and state levels.

  • Find out if this exists before reinventing the wheel.

Continuity Objectives: ensure UVM Votes is infrastructurally stable.

  • Recurring meetings

    • Office of Civic Engagement
    • Director of Institutional Research (Alex Yin)
  • Voting Summit, where all student affinity clubs get together once a year to talk about voter turnout and brainstorm collaboration. What do they need? What can they do?


Project: Ask the Registrar's Office for more details on how texting all UVM students will work. Will we be using push notifications or SMS messages?
Assigned to: James & Mia
Project: Send meeting invite to Office of Civic Engagement for recurring meetings held on twice monthly basis.
Assigned to: James
Project: Move the day of the week for general meetings from Tuesday to Monday.
Assigned to: James

Submitted: April 4, 2021