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Increasing Campus Presence

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Increase meeting attendance: Become omni-present

  • Hold ice cream walks/runs to give people a place outside of boring Zoom meetings.

  • Advertise group by asking professors of intro political science classes if we can present. Likewise with Hcol classes, especially plenary.

  • Work with Civic Engagement Office.

  • See if a blackboard post can exist on the main student sign-in page.

  • Mia Dillon & Sophie Feldman can post in student Facebook groups for '23 and '24 graduation years.

  • Take advantage of other groups/clubs with pre-existing base; advertise to their membership by working with their leadership.

Voter registration as community service

  • Can voter registration qualify as community service for fraternities and sororities?

    • Check in with Vega (Director of FSL) about this.

Submitted: March 24, 2021