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End of the Semester!

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House Keeping

SGA Funding

Brian reported his meeting with the Treasurer has been delayed to this coming Friday. We’ll likely have our hands on the funds then.


Why Not Make Voting Hard?

  • It’s absurd to suggest that we gain ‘quality votes’ by making it harder when there’s the law of large numbers: making small things easier have long term implications
  • Voters have jobs, sometimes more than one. If time is money, then forcing people to add time is functionally a poll tax.
  • If people are already having trouble engaging with political subjects, going out to vote
  • Party distinction between explicit and implicit (right and left). The liberal wing of the party system is very concerned with the implications of how voting laws say things.
  • The tough love strategy has no definitive end.

Member Updates

Oh The Places You'll Go

  • Brian Donahue (with former Engagement Chair Liz Chadwick) doing research with Professor Alec Ewald on voter resources for felons.
  • James Tedesco is doing a fellowship at Tufts with their Institute for Democracy in Higher Education (IDHE) — they produce the NSLVE report which is the main reference for UVM Votes. He'll be researching and codifying state voter laws through the Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project.
  • Sophie Feldman’s doing an art conservation internship, restoring UVM's collection of taxidermied animals.
  • Aidan May is analyzing serious illness conversations from palliative care patients.

Submitted: May 10, 2021