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All About Your Right to Vote

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Your Right to Vote:

  • You can’t withhold someone the right to vote

    • Well, you can for silly administrative things

      • BUT! You can’t single out groups of people
  • You can’t ask questions to specific groups

  • You cannot ask for information that identifies something specifically about that person’s demographic (unless it is a pertinent goal of the state)

  • States are empowered to make a lot of their own suffrage rights decisions about voting

  • For many students this leads to…

    • Lots of implications about tricky voting
    • Not a lot of outright “you can’t vote”
  • HAVA

    • Net harm for voting rights
    • Done in response to Bush-Gore election

Why We Can’t Have Ballot Boxes on Campus:

  • Would have to be passed through a bill at the state legislator level

  • Would need to be secure

    • Bolted to the floor
    • Live internet connected video feed
    • Needs to be collected daily
  • May revisit in 1-2 years

Polling Place on Campus:

  • Must be neutral

  • Fletcher free is not that far from campus

Voting Calendar:

  • Vote 411

  • Problem: doesn’t go very far into the future

    • Best research for elections (such as candidate platforms) usually occurs in the few weeks before hand
  • Can we link this to our site?

Voting Out Of State:

  • Add a module for resources on the website

  • Should we focus on an instate path?

UVM Votes Podcast:

  • How can we add to this?

  • Case studies?

  • On the back burner for now

SGA Committee:

  • Comparative analysis of student governments around the country

  • One member from UVM Votes

  • One member will be a paid intern AND get credit


  • Fliers with incorrect dates are still all around campus

  • Do we take these down?


Project: Clarify first steps for integrating voter registration into student orientation day.
Assigned to: Aidan May
Project: Figure out designing reusable posters for Monday meetings.
Assigned to: Sophie Feldman
Project: Email the Assistant Registrar's contact about the technical requirements for texting every student.
Assigned to: James Tedesco
Project: Update website page titles to dynamically understand what page they're on.
Assigned to: James Tedesco

Submitted: April 27, 2021