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Pumpkins for Democracy

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Trying to capitalize on the halloween spirit before election day on November 4th this year, UVM Votes hosted an event to help spread voter registration QR codes around campus. And what better way to distribute these codes than on top of jack-o-lanterns‽

With a grant from National Voter Registration Day, we were able to bring this event into reality. Here's a peak at one of my drafts of the impact we'd have on campus:

Before we could wow any students though, we needed to do the hard work of cutting some gord and scooping some guts. Armed with 20 pumpkins, a few cutting implements, and some personal grit, we got to work.

Despite overcast skies and remarkably cold conditions, we finished in a couple hours and planted our pumpkins around central and athletic campus. We had pumpkins on display outside of places like the Howe library, Davis Center, CCRH, redstone dinning, and various dorms on campus.

Here's what our end result looked like: