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Hey Catamounts,

Think. Talk. Vote.

It's never too early to be ready — let's get to the ballot box.

Make a Plan


We're a club committed to improving the student-voter experience. Get involved!

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The Problem

From our campus report, we know UVM students vote at a lower rate than other schools, and college students vote at a low rate in general. That's not good for student representation, the values of higher ed, or the diversity of our democracy at large.

We're seeing this for a few reasons. To name a few, newly eligible voters are still learning the voting process, some states intimidate student voters (implying they aren't eligible to vote where they live), and the conversation about democracy's importance across academic disciplines is waning.

We can help.

The Solutions

Institutionalize voting! The university can access thousands of students in a unique way which clubs alone simply aren't able. Carving out pathways with the administration alleviates the organizing strain of beginning fresh each election cycle, and could mean more time spent discussing the issues with less time worrying about voting infrastructure.

Get Involved!

Supporting Every State

UVM students hail from around the country, and we've got the resources to support everyone. Select your state for more information.


We're going into this work wide-eyed and love talking about it, so don't hesitate to reach out!